Strong Investment Inward Flowing into Property in Vietnam


Earlier in the year we reported on the positive changes being seen in the Vietnamese investment property market already as a result of the enactment last year of new housing laws – foreign investment commitment into property development projects has increased since the new laws came into force in July 2006, and one of the largest demographic groups of investors now paying special attention to the potential of the property industry in Vietnam is the Arab investor community.

According to the Taiwan based Central Trading and Development Corporation which is one of the largest and most significant foreign investment companies in Vietnam and currently the largest property development company in Vietnam, Arab investors are targeting Asia with China, India and Vietnam the three most popular countries for their investment interest.

The chairman of the Central Trading and Development Corporation has direct contact with Arab investors and believes that the next five years will see increasing and substantial financial commitment from the Arab world into property related projects in Vietnam because of the inimitable and almost untapped potential available from the nation’s real estate industry.

This is extremely encouraging news for both the Vietnamese property market and also other overseas investors considering the viability of a commitment in Vietnam.

Other good news likely to encourage further foreign investment pledges is the fact that the Superior Council of French Notary has agreed to work directly with the Vietnamese government to modernize and vastly improve real estate registration and regulation processes in Vietnam.  Because the French land registration system is proven and so well regulated it is seen by the Vietnamese as the model to emulate and now the Honorary President of the Superior Council of French Notary has agreed to give full support and direct assistance to the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to get their real estate registration affairs in order.

Finally in this report relating to the fact that strong investment is inward flowing into property in Vietnam it’s important to mention the levels of local buying and investing activity.  Thanks largely to considerable stock market returns enjoyed by a significant number of local citizens recently, direct investment is now being focused on the property market as investors seek to diversify their portfolios, mitigate risk and ride the wave of a healthy real estate cycle.  All in all the property market in Vietnam is maturing nicely if a little slowly, and greater opportunities for profitability are presenting themselves all the time.


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